Why Do You Get Fruit Flies? (and how to prevent them!)

Fruit fly, fruit flies, binbreeze, compost

Why there are fruit flies in your kitchen?

Have you ever gotten annoyed by the swarming fruit flies when you open the kitchen bin and try to throw the kitchen compost away? You are not alone; fruit flies can be found almost all around the world anywhere there are exposed fruits or vegetables.

Where do they come from?

For many years fruit flies were believed to spontaneously generate from rotting fruit or meat, but that theory has been disapproved years ago. The truth is, fruit flies smell rotting fruit from miles away and they can easily find their way inside your home. Even with your doors and windows closed, these tiny creatures can still make their way to your exposed rotting fruits or vegetables. Additionally, you are likely to bring them back home from grocery stores if the fruits or vegetables have already started to rot.


fruit flies, fruit fly, BinBreeze

Normally females lay about 400 eggs into rotting fruits, and the eggs hatch into larvae after 12 - 15 hours. The larvae feed on yeast and microorganisms present on the fruit, causing softening in the area of feeding. The holes the size of pin pricks can be easily spotted from the soft areas of infested fruits. These holes are also used for breathing by larvae,  and what’s worse, the holes provide entry points for diseases such as brown rot and botrytis. Fruit flies can also cause gastrointestinal discomfort and diarrhea if the infested fruit with larvae is consumed accidentally.


fruit fly, fruit flies, BinBreeze

Due to the moderate temperate and humidity in British Columbia, it has been indicated from area-wide surveillance that fruit flies are present and active in our province from May until November. It’s definitely a long-term battle with these rapidly reproducing creatures.

You may now wonder:

Are there any good solutions?

Several methods have been suggested and tried by households, such as vinegar, and beer traps, etc. The result, however, is not quite effective, and it is exhausting keeping on repeating the complex processes every day.

The critical solution is to avoid fruit flies from the beginning: always pick up the fresh fruits and vegetables from the grocery store, rinse and dry them to takes care of everything that comes with them from the store, and do not have excessive quantity of ripe produce at home. If possible, wrap the fruits and vegetables in paper or put them in the fridge. However, it is inevitable that the kitchen leftovers still attract fruit flies, we suggest that you use BinBreeze in your kitchen bin. BinBreeze is made of completely organic powder with lavender scented to keep your kin fresh, it helps soak up excess moisture while killing and preventing fruit flies. And the procedure is easy: simply apply a centimetre thick layer of BinBreeze to the bottom of your kitchen bin, then add a covering layer of BinBreeze after depositing all the waste from our meal. And you don’t have to take your bin out as often as before due to the disgusting odour and swarming fruit flies!